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The Siniloan Water District (SIWADI), through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). Is inviting all eligible suppliers to submit a Quotation for the supply and delivery of:

1 unit of Flow Meter  Performance(forward flow): 

Meter Size                                  150mm
Overload flow                             600m³/h
Permanent flow                          450m³/h
Transitional flow                        4m³/h
Minimum flow (horizontal)       1.8m³/h
Minimum flow (vertical)           4.5m³/h
Starting flow (approximately)   0.90m³/h
Headloss at maximum flow       0.33 bar
Maximum registration               10 millions of m³
Maximum water temperature     50°C
Maximum working pressure      16bar
Dimensions: Meter size             150mm
Overall length (ISO) (A)            300/500mm
Height (B)                                  135mm
Height (D)                                  206mm
Height (E)                                   294mm
Flange Diameter ( C )                 286mm
Weight (ISO)                              37.5/43.5kg.

C&I inductive register: 1. Inductive target for bi-directional pulse communications 2. Star tell-tale for easy to see flow detection 3. Easy to read display – 7 figure display  Compatible with the Emeris PR& Inductive pulse transmitter & Other common ancillary devices including date loggers and AMR system.

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